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Lead Tenant Program - Volunteer

Job No: MCS622
Location: Brisbane Region

Mercy Community provides services in the areas of child protection, multicultural community support, individual and family support, community and residential based aged care, and disability support. Mercy Community supports and inspires people in need to live healthy, connected lives within inclusive communities. Our vision is a world where people, families and communities are strong in spirit, healthy and connected.

What is the ‘Lead Tenant’ program?

Mercy Community has an exciting opportunity for a 'Live in' Lead Tenant Volunteer.The Mercy Community's Lead Tenant (LT) program is a way to support young people who can’t live at home and need to start working towards living on their own. It’s a transitional step – offering young people the freedom of living away from ‘parents’ or ‘carers’ but still having some support with case management, mentoring, life skills and community integration.

The ‘Lead Tenant’ program sits within a broad range of services to support young people who can’t live at home, including out-of-home care support, transition and education services and supported independent living.

What are the aims of the Lead Tenant Program?

  • To provide safe, flexible, nurturing, shared and informed transition support and accommodation options for young people in order for them to move safely towards adulthood and community (interdependent) living.
  • To provide long term stable living.
  • To encourage and support young people to understand and build positive relationships with people who are important to them.
  • To respect, encourage and support young people’s cultural journey.
  • To support young people to identify, establish and maintain networks and support systems to assist them in their transition towards interdependent living.  This includes engagement in local community activities, employment, education, health and wellbeing.

What is the role of a Lead Tenant and what do they actually do?

A Lead Tenant is a volunteer who lives in a Mercy Community property with up to two young people also residing in the property. They have their rent, utilities and some of their living expenses covered by Mercy Community. In return, they provide support for young people living in the house with them. Lead Tenants are positive role models for young people living with them. They’re able to share what it means to live an appropriate lifestyle, how to achieve personal goals, engage well in education or employment, how to take care of yourself, how to communicate well and deal with issues. Our Lead Tenants are encouraged to establish positive and meaningful relationships with the young people in the household and to take opportunities to help young people develop their social and recreational skills.

What makes a good Lead Tenant?

  • Demonstrates and models great social and interpersonal skills;
  • Is patient, honest, respectful and consistent;
  • Has a great sense of humour;
  • Works as part of a team
  • Upholds the values and ethos of Mercy Community
  • Receptive and reflective on personal feedback
  • Positive and enthusiastic attitude

Lead Tenants are never on their own. During the day, our workers are just a phone call away and after hours we have a SILP Support Line that can help with emergencies.

What do you need to be a Lead Tenant?

  • A willingness and commitment to take on a voluntary role
  • A current Blue Card (or eligibility to obtain);
  • A current Police check (or eligibility to obtain);
  • A full assessment prior to them commencing as Lead Tenants, which includes a Self-Assessment, a medical history, an interview and anything else that helps with that assessment;
  • Regular meetings with Mercy Community workers (we call them ‘supervision sessions’) to ensure that you are equipped, coping and doing the best you can;
  • Respect for privacy and confidentiality.

For a brochure regarding the Lead Tenant Program please click here

The application process for the Lead Tenant program has a number of steps to ensure you understand the important role you will play in a young person's life. Mercy Community has a no smoking policy on service sites, applicants are encouraged to consider this prior to applying. To apply please complete the enquiry form (click here) and submit via this link :

Please apply for this opportunity immediately as we are seeking to commence this process as soon as possible.

This is a great opportunity for individuals who are passionate about making a difference and may be currently be undertaking study in this area, as the benefit of not having to pay rent and utilities is highly advantageous for students. 

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